As an independent optician, we are not restricted to one frame supplier, therefore our stock is continuously changing. We currently offer a wide range of over 500 different frames, which means we can cater for all of our patient’s needs, we have something for everyone.


With a huge variety of lenses available, it important that our dispensers find out how you live your life, your occupation and any hobbies/interests you have, so they can give you best recommendation tailored to your requirements.


At Drage and Tozer we pride ourselves on our qualified dispensing opticians providing specialist advice on spectacles that fit well, provide optimal clarity of vision, as well as looking great for school.


Whatever your sport, whether you are a spectacle wearer or not, your sporting ability may be improved with the use of specialist lenses.


We all take special measures to take care of our skin in the sun, however few people realise the importance of protecting your eyes from harmful UV radiation.