Hearing tests are a non-painful, non-invasive assessment carried out by our fully qualified audiologist. It typically lasts approximately an hour to an hour and a half.

During the comprehensive test we will build a history of your hearing loss and discuss your hearing with you, to find out those areas where you struggle to hear and to understand the impact your hearing is having on your day-to-day life.

The audiologist will look into your ears to check the general health of your ears.

Finally, you will listen to a range of different sound frequencies through headphones. The results of the test are then plotted onto an audiogram and explained and discussed with you.

The audiogram will help the audiologist to understand your hearing loss and provide you with any solutions available to help regain any hearing loss you experience.

During the course of the test you will be able to wear a pair of hearing aids to experience for yourself the instant improvement to your hearing that hearing aids can make.

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Hearing Aids

Hearing aids have undergone major transformations in recent years, the latest models are not only smaller but simpler and smarter. With the help of smart technology some hearing aids now have the ability to be paired with digital devices e.g. mobile phone, ipad or television etc.

Our hearing aids come in a wide range of styles, sizes, colours and technologies to suit each individual. Some traditionally have the housing placed behind your ear and some are smaller and more discreet within the ear. Discuss your options and suitability for each at your consultation with our audiologist.

Prices vary and can start from as little as £23.28 a month.