Tear Efficiency Management/Dry Eyes/Blepharitis

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Most people at some point in their lives will experience dry eyes. The result is that the eyes can feel tired, sore and gritty. Vision often varies and in some circumstances the eyes actually water a lot to try to regain some comfort. There can be a number of causes for this, some are temporary but many are permanent and need life-long treatment. We have a range of wipes and solutions that can ease dry eyes.

Unfortunately our tear quality deteriorates with age. This is due to a permanent change in the quality of the components that make up our tear film. This can be helped by artificial tears and lubricants. It can be extremely frustrating for the sufferer as everybody’s tear film varies slightly, this means that even with the help of drops and ointments, the tears will not return to their previous quality.

Blocked tear glands
This can happen at any time and prevents the normal tear fluid being secreted to the surface of the eye. It is caused by little waxy blockages on top of the glands. A hot compress which is a cotton wool pad soaked in hot water, is used to unblock the glands.

Flaky lid margins(Blepharitis)
This is when the lid margins become flaky and crusty; these flakes can fall into the eyes and disrupt the normal tear film. In addition it can lead to infections and also block the tear glands. It is common for your Optometrist to see the two conditions together. Again this can be a normal age change although those with certain skin conditions (Eczema, acne rosacea etc) can be prone to this as well. This is treated by either using special wipes every morning and evening or making up your own solution with a teaspoon of Johnsons baby shampoo into a mug of boiled cooled water.

Other causes
Medication – the most common side effect of any medicine is to affect the tears. 
Arthritis is linked to drier eyes.

Computer use – those who use computers for long periods tend to not blink as often and as a result they are not replacing their tears as often as they should be.

Diet – it is advised to drink as much water as you can if you have dry eyes, recent research also suggests that omega 3 oils found in fish can help improve the quality of the tear film

There are many remedies available to suit each individual case. Why not pop in and see what we can do for you.