Sudbury Mercury Thursday 14th June 2012

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Best Retailers Window Display Competition

‘This week’s local shop window display belongs to Drage and Tozer Opticians on North Street in Sudbury. I’m sure you’ll agree it is an attractive sight!….’

Shop Front Mercury Comp

Drage and Tozer Opticians

We are delighted that our shop window has featured in this weeks Mercury. This month we have an all British shop window.  The shop window promoting Ted Baker and the Jubilee features a Fox and a Stag amongst the bunting and Union Jack.

Each week the Mercury will feature a different shop window to raise awareness about the important of shopping locally. Any retailer can be entered into the Best Retailers Window Display competition organised by Sudbury Market Town Partnership and the Sudbury Town Team. The competition will conclude on 4th July to coincide with Independents’ Retail Day.

The winner will receive one year’s free membership to Sudbury & District Reward Card plus 10 leaflets to sell. To enter the competition and have a chance of being featured in the Sudbury Mercury e-mail Jane Hatton on or call 01787 468634