Vocational lenses

Most of us spend a very large part of our waking lives at work and it can make very special demands on our vision. If you work (or are to start working) on computers, you are legally entitled to free sight tests, paid for by your employer.

If you wear reading or progressive spectacles, occupational lenses may help make work easier. Reading spectacles work well but you may find using these for your computer difficult. At Drage and Tozer we offer a range of occupational lenses suitable for any job or hobby that requires a mid to near prescription.

Working with computers

Working with computers

Occupational lenses are a type of progressive lens that has been specifically designed for computer users. Conventional progressives are designed for ‘everyday’ use, with a wide distance vision area. But computer users have a much greater need for arms length vision, which needs to be as wide as possible to cover the entire width of the monitor screen. Occupational lenses give the widest-possible arms length vision meaning less head movement and unrestricted eye movement. For those who require some distance vision as well as a wide arms length area we can also offer a lens which incorporates a small area of distance vision at the top of the lens, making this an ideal solution for bank workers, tellers etc.

We also offer an alternative for single vision wearers with Anti-Fatigue lenses. Our eyes are continually adjusting between near and arms length vision (it’s called accommodating) and they can become very tired as a result. Anti-Fatigue lenses offer support with that accommodating by being slightly stronger towards the bottom of the lens. It’s a small difference, but a great help to your eyes, so they’re far less likely to get tired. In tests, 70% of wearers said they preferred them to their previous favourite correction. All of these lenses mentioned above come with an anti-reflection coating and are available as tinted or transitions. For more information, call in on us – we just might be a sight for your sore eyes!

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Driving at sunset

Reflections from office lighting and computer monitors can make our eyes work much harder than they need to and if you’re having to peer through reflections and reduced contrast to read a computer screen, your eyes are more likely to tire. With Crizal Forte and Prevencia coating, reflections are almost totally eliminated, making close work much less tiring.

If you’d like to find out more about the options for spectacles at work, ask us and we’ll be happy to help.