Varifocals & Bifocals

Choosing the right Varilux lens

Varilux isn’t just a single design of varifocal, there are several Varilux lenses, each designed for different frames and needs. Small frames are very fashionable but they don’t give much room at the bottom of the lens for the reading area.

That’s where Varilux Comfort short comes in, because it has been designed to give the best possible vision for wearers of small frames.

The Varilux range includes personalised lenses whose design follows your prescription and the way you wear your spectacles, general-use which are ideal for most people in most situations and specialist lenses that are designed for specific wear (on a computer for example). Talk to us about the options we have available that make sure there really is a Varilux lens for everyone.

Varilux physio and physio shorts offer all the benefits.

Bifocal lenses offer a lens option for those who need distance and reading Rx, those who don’t want to keep taking off their reading glasses or for those who are always looking for their reading glasses. One pair of bifocals replaces the need for two pairs of spectacles making them cost effective and convenient.