Sun Wear


All lenses we supply for sunwear, including the latest Transitions, fast-darkening, fast-lightening, plastic photo chromatic lenses are guaranteed to remove UV radiation. Polarising lenses cut through glare and offer complete protection too.

Light contains ultraviolet (UV) radiation and while its invisible, its affects aren’t. Apart from accelerating the ageing of our skin, it has the same affect on our eyes, particularly the crystalline lens within.

Our sunglasses are available as prescription or non-prescription although certain frames are suited to high prescription than others. All our sunglasses carry the CE kite mark which is your guarantee they filter out all harmful UV radiation.

We carry a range of both designer and non designer sunglasses that are available as tinted or polarised and are suitable as single vision, bifocal or progressive.

What is the difference between a polarised lens and Transition lenses?

Polarised Lenses:

  • While standard tinted lenses remove the brightness of our environment, polarised lenses cut out the surface glare. These work as a coloured polarising filter within the lens as opposed to a coloured tint.
  • They are ideal for people who work outdoors, do a lot of driving or who pursue a hobby where glare can cause a real problem. These lenses are particularly good for those who fish, ski as they remove surface glare.
  • Available in a variety of colours, polarising lenses are a very popular choice in the sun wear range and of course provide full UV protection.

Transitions Lenses:

  • Transition lenses are a clear lens that darken when they come into contact with UV rays, fading back to clear when indoors.
  • They offer a convenient solution for those who require sun protection in one pair of spectacles.
  • Available in grey, brown or grey-green tint, they offer full UV protection.
  • Transition lenses require UV radiation to set off the darkening process, so they wont darken in a car or when you are behind glass.
  • The Xtra Active Transition works on the same principle as the standard Transition lens except this lens darkens to 50% behind the car windscreen.