Spectacles and sport

There are so many sports and such a wide choice in spectacles that there’s no one answer to issues about sport and eye wear. Sometimes, specially-designed, sports-specific eye wear is a must.

When protecting your eyes is the issue, your lenses need to be as resistant to impact as possible and no lens offers better protection than polycarbonate. It gives all the benefits of optical-grade plastic in a near unbreakable lens; in fact, polycarbonate is so strong that the material is often used in bullet-proof screens. Polycarbonate lenses are also very light and thin, so making them excellent for everyday wear.

Downhill Skiing

Downhill Skiing

If you enjoy skiing or mountain hiking for example, you’ll be subjecting your eyes to very high levels of ultraviolet radiation which in the short term may cause temporary “snow blindness” but in the longer term can lead to cataract, which can only be remedied with eye surgery. If your hobby is river fishing though, your visual needs will be different. While you’ll need some protection from ultraviolet radiation, you’ll want to see through the reflections in the water to spot the fish. These problems can be retified with polarising lenses. These lenses cut through the reflections on water for example, to enable you to see what’s beneath the surface. They also make excellent general-use sun spectacles and are available in single vision and progressive.

Swimmer in Goggles

Swimming in Goggles

Crizal forte coated lenses virtually eliminate reflections on your lenses. Left untreated, such reflections can be distracting and furthermore reduce visual contrast, making it difficult to track a fast-moving ball, especially under floodlights.

If swimming or shooting is your game, you may need specialist eye wear. Prescription swimming goggles are relatively inexpensive and for contact games, sports goggles may be the answer.


Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

For snooker or shooting, there are specialised frames that deal with the unusual positions your sport requires you to adopt. With the options available to us wider than ever, whatever your needs, you should come and talk to us.

The right eye wear can lessen even the trickiest problems.