Hard coatings

A hard coating toughens the surface of your spectacle lenses to help prevent them from getting scratched. Scratched lenses reduce the quality of your vision therefore a hard coating can prolong the life of your spectacles. Hard coatings can be applied to any lenses

UV (Ultra Violet)

A UV coating blocks out 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays offering complete eye protection. All our prescription sun spectacles and some clear spectacle lenses include this coating as standard. This coating can be applied to any type of lens.

MAR (Multi anti-reflection)

Spectacle wearers can be affected by annoying reflections and glare. Car headlights, computer screens and office lighting can all cause these problems. Refelctions off the spectacles themselves can also hide the wearers eyes. A multi anti reflective coating stops these reflections preventing the eyes becoming tired and sore, making night driving more comfortable and allowing the wearers eyes to be seen clearly.

The MAR coating also incorporates a hard coating and the Crizal forte anti reflection coating is covered by a 2 year guarantee and is fully UV protected.

Previously these coatings tended to need cleaning frequently but this is no longer such a problem. The Crizal forte coating is very easy to keep clean thanks to its anti-static and hydrophobia properties. With these properties dirt and grease are repelled by the coating.


Drivers are legally obliged to be able to read a number plate at 20 metres, so you need a regular sight test. You need to make sure you wear your spectacles too! Rimless or thinner frames are a help as they won’t block your all-round vision and an antireflection coating like Crizal forte, will help improve visual contrast, making your vision sharper. They banish the reflections that can make night driving so tiring for eyes.