While an optometrist determines your prescription, it’s the dispenser that turns it into the pair of spectacles that meets your needs. Your dispenser needs to have a sound grasp of optics and lenses and fashion in eyewear too. Dispensers need to find out how you live your life and what your needs are, so they have to be experts in people too.

They also have to take accurate measurements, so it all adds up to a demanding role. The dispenser makes a decision on which lens designs and materials, as well as which lens treatments and coatings best meet your needs and budget. It’s why they often ask so many questions, as the more your dispenser knows about your lifestyle, the more you’ll enjoy your finished spectacles.

Just to give you an insight in to lenses we have put together some information from one of our lens manufacturers Essilor. Have a look at the links in the sub menu, but don’t worry we will advise you on the lenses that are most suited to your requirements.