Children’s Frames

Children’s frames

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At Drage and Tozer Opticians we pride ourselves on our qualified dispensing opticians providing expert advice about why children need glasses as well as explaining the importance of frame fit. We dispense glasses to children as young as 18 months and understand the importance of glasses that fit well, function properly as well as being fashionable for school!

Fit is crucial. Glasses that fit well stay put, encouraging your child to look through the correct part of the lens.

Dispensing children takes patience and skill, hence the need for accurate measurements and frame fitting by a qualified dispensing optician. We encourage our younger patients to call in to the practice frequently to ensure that the frame remains in the correct position. If children look over their glasses then they are in effectual in improving vision!

Dispensing glasses to children can be challenging but with the appropriate attention to detail the results will improve wearing compliance and ultimately deliver the best visual outcome for the patient.

At Drage and Tozer we offer a wide range of spectacle frames for children, many that can be altered and adapted to ensure that the glasses sit in the correct position.

You may have just been told that your child needs glasses for the first time, or you may have one or more children wearing glasses but never had a clear understanding about the importance of frames that fit. Please call into the practice to have a chat with us about the range of glasses we offer for children.