Eye Care Plan

Eyecare Plan clinical benefits include:

  • 6 monthly contact lens aftercare appointments
  • Full eye examination when clinically necessary (usually every two years)
  • Emergency appointments as required
  • Free trials upgrading to the latest in contact lens technology
  • Digital imaging and analysis of the retina at the back of the eye

Eyecare plan financial benefits

  • Your 6 monthly contact lens check ups would normally cost £60
  • Full eye examination normally £35
  • Trial lens upgrades could be up to £40 saving
  • Emergency appointments normally £30
  • Digital imaging normally £10
  • Contact lenses at lower prices, now comparable with the internet
  • Generous discounts of 25% off the cost of spectacles and 15% off sunglasses with unlimited personal purchases
  • 10% discount on the cost of accessories such as dry eye products, contact lens solutions and ocular nutrients
  • Disposable lenses covered against loss or damage
The Eyecare Plans vary in price dependent on the type of lenses that suit your needs.
Should you wish to join the Eyecare plan following completion of your contact lens trial, we will require your bank details to complete the standing order form.