Solutions & Wipes

We have an extensive selection of solutions and wipes available for dry and sore eyes along with clothes and solutions for cleaning you glasses. , cleaning your spectacles and caring for your eyes.

One of our most popular wipes in the box of 20 Supranettes. Supranettes are sterile disposable wipes, specially designed for hygiene and care of eyelids and eyelashes, which contain natural ingredients with cleasing action. They are suitable for adults and children including babies.

Eyes drops can assist contact lens wearers and help sooth eyes suffering from hayfever and allergies.

Lens clothes are antistatic and antimist formula, clothes that clean, polish and dismist. the Pentax Supaclean is a mulit purpose washable micro-fibre cleaning cloth.

This Leader lens cleaner solution is an alcohol-free formula that effectively cleans all len types without streaking. The Leader len cleaner is available in three handy sizes.

Dietary supplements – Icaps dietary supplement contains lutein and zeaxanthin which are recommended by ophthamologists, opticians and nutritionists. Icaps is a specialised comprehensive formula of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and carotenoids which are important to visio and ocular health.