Reading Lights

We have teamed up with “Serious Readers” and are now able to offer you a 20% discount when purchasing a reading light through us.

Helping you to see more clearly is the ultimate aim of Drage and Tozer. Unfortunately our eyesight does deteriorate with age and we as yet do not have a product that slows the aging process, as soon as we do you will be the first to know!

In the mean time the correct lighting can make an enormous difference when reading. We recommend an adjustable floor light from “Serious Readers”. We have one in the practice so if you think this would benefit you please ask for a demonstration.

The serious readers light allows you to:

See More Clearly:

  • Six Times Brighter than a 60w Bulb
  • Brings Near Daylight Indoors
  • Flexible Arm for Easy Positioning

Stress Free Reading:

  • Switch Located on the Light Head
  • No Assembly Required
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • 20w Halogen Bulb Lasts 4,000hrs
  • Designed not to get hot
  • Designed and hand-built in the UK, this light also benefits from a 5 year guarantee

Mrs R of Great Waldingfield purchased a Serious reader light in November 2010 and has this to say:

“Thank you so much for recommending a Serious Readers light. It has been really marvellous as I am doing cross stitch again and reading the paper with ease. Thank you for this excellent advice.”