FAQs: Contact Lenses

What should I know before I leave the optician with my new lenses?

We will ensure that you can;
Put your lenses in.
Wear your contact lenses comfortably and be able to see well.
Take your lenses out.
Care for your lenses correctly.
We will give you a booklet to help you with all these steps when you are at home and of course you can contact us if you have any queries.

What if I lose a contact lens?

If you choose disposable contact lenses, you can simply replace the lost one. Try to carry a few spares with you when you travel, or alternatively contact us for a replacement lens(es).

Can children wear contact lenses?

Yes, children can wear contact lenses as long as the parent gives permission. We usually suggest contact lenses for occasional use for children (e.g sports).

Can a contact lens go to the back of my eye and get stuck?

No, the contact lens can only stay on the front of the eye, or if displaced, under the eyelids.

Can I sleep in my contact lenses?

Some contact lenses are made especially for all day and night wear and you should ask us which type of contact lenses you have. If you accidentally sleep in your contact lenses, your eyes may be irritated. If this happens, don’t wear your contact lenses for 24 hours and see us if the irritation persists.

Will I still need my spectacles?

Yes. You may like to wear your spectacles sometimes and you will certainly want to have them around when you are not wearing contact lenses, for example first thing in the morning or at the end of the day.

Is it painful to put something in your eye?

No. Disposable lenses are extremely soft and made mainly of water and whilst almost everyone finds it strange at first, most people get used to putting the contact lenses in and taking them out.

Will wearing contact lenses make my eyesight worse?

No. Many people fear that spectacles and contact lenses make your eyes “lazy”. This is not the case, so you can wear your spectacles and contact lenses whenever you need them.

What about the hassle of cleaning?

Cleaning your contact lenses is very important, and has become much easier over the past few years following the introduction of one bottle solutions. You will have a lens case with separate compartments for your two lenses. We will give you full instructions, and a booklet to help you, but the whole procedure should take just a few minutes once you are used to it. Daily disposable contact lenses are replaced every day with fresh new lenses and do not require cleaning therefore no solutions are required.

Do I have to wait for lenses to be made specifically for me?

That was the case with the old-style contact lenses, but we probably have a pair of contact lenses for your eyes in stock so you can start wearing them as soon as you are ready. Occasionally, you may have to order contact lenses and return for a final fitting.

How long will it take to get used to wearing contact lenses?

If you are suitable for wearing contact lenses it should only take a few days, in which time there may be some initial awareness. After initial adaptation, most people don’t even notice that they are wearing contact lenses.

I tried Contact lenses years ago unsuccessfully is it worth trying again?

Yes, the developement in contact lenses over the years has been phenomenal. With the new lenses available today it would be unusual for us not to be able to find a lens that would suit you.

Can anyone wear contact lenses?

Most people can, but we will let you know if you are suitable after conducting some simple tests. Occasionally, a person’s eyes can be too dry or the type of vision correction they need makes them unsuitable. Contact lenses can correct the vision of those with astigmatism, presbyopia (maturing eyes), short and long sighted.