Jolly Giraffe Scheme

The Jolly Giraffe

The Jolly Giraffe scheme

We are part of the Jolly Giraffe scheme which encourages all children to have an eye test before starting school. Eye examinations are free on the NHS for under 16’s and the scheme was designed to raise awareness of this.

Children who have not yet reached school age can benefit from an eye examination, as some conditions are recognisable before they become obvious to parents. Early diagnosis can help a child’s development, both in terms of their visual development and their ability to learn.

Using a cartoon character, Jolly Giraffe, the scheme promotes free eye tests for children under 16 to help detection of possible squints and reduced vision. Jolly Giraffe is also the star of a short story booklet put together by local eye specialists about the little giraffe who went to get his eyes tested.